Group Flight - July 15 - Black Hills & Mt. Rushmore

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Group Flight - July 15 - Black Hills & Mt. Rushmore

Postby MTN2071 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:35 pm

July 15, 2012 – 13:30 MST / 19:30 UCT – KSEA-KRAP – Black Hills & Mt. Rushmore

Mountain Air pilots will fly a CRJ2 charter flight from the Seattle (KSEA) north terminal gates to Rapid City (KRAP) near the Black Hills of South Dakota and home to Mt. Rushmore. Once we land at KRAP, anyone interested can jump into a small prop aircraft and then go sight-seeing with a fly-by in front of the President's faces on Mt. Rushmore.

The suggested routes are:

KSEA-KRAP (850nm/2.0hr) – MONTN6 MWH J90 HLN BIL RECAP RAP (FL330)
KRAP sight-seeing to Mt. Rushmore – VFR – 240 degrees from RAP (VOR-112.30) for approx. 20 nm

You are welcome to use any aircraft and routes of your choice.

This Group Flight will qualify for 10 bonus pilot points and 1 group flight achievement point.

Pilots that have never flown on-line in our Group Flights are encouraged to join the fun. To help you get started flying online, you might look at the Mountain Air “Pilot Manual” which can be found on our website, in the “Pilot Lounge”, under “New Pilots”. Also, the use of TeamSpeak during Group Flights is encouraged so you are able to listen and talk with the other Mountain Air pilots. For further help, post questions you may have in the “Events Forum” and I am sure they will generate answers.
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